Taytay Property is a website that lists privately owned beach, leisure farms, agricultural, islands, residential, and commercial properties for sale in Taytay Palawan, Philippines.

Consider including a stay in Taytay as part of your Palawan vacation. There is lots for the tourist to do here - island-hopping, snorkeling around the many islands, swimming in the hidden lagoon (cave), kayaking on the beautiful Lake Manguao, Irrawaddy Dolphin watching in Malampaya Sound, and swimming in the refreshing Canique Waterfall. Being not far from El Nido, Taytay is a good escape from the El Nido crowd during the peak seasons.

Taytay is an old Spanish town founded in 1623. Its most famous relic, the 17th century Fort Santa Isabelle, still stands today and takes center stage in Taytay’s magnificent seascape. Taytay is about one and a half hour’s drive from El Nido – you will pass through it if you are traveling by road to El Nido. There are two approaches to the town center when coming from southern Palawan. There is a road under construction to the new RORO port at Barangay Stan. Cruz. This road provides a great view over the town and the surrounding islands and is a wonderful entrance into Taytay. The normal route takes you into Taytay without a view – traveling this route may leave you with the impression that you are passing through just another ho-hum town.

The majority of Taytay’s few visitors stay for only one night. This is usually just to break up their journey from El Nido to Puerto Princesa. The town is probably bypassed by most tourists because of the absence of organized tours, the lack of in-depth information about available activities and the inadequacy of information if you want to organize your own tours. All that is changing now – the Taytay Tourist Office and some of the local resorts and guest houses are working on ways to improve the basic tourist services.

Taytay’s best known resorts on the surrounding islands are Club Noah Isabelle Island Resort, which no longer operates, and Flower Island Beach Resort.

Taytay is pronounced “tyty” as in “bye bye”. The municipality goes by the same name as the town, as is common in Palawan. Locals will refer to the capital as Poblacion, or Barangay Poblacion.